Read & Write Chrome Extension

Read&Write from is a Google Chrome Extension that supports all students with reading and writing. Teachers can request a license on behalf of students providing premium features that include multi highlighting options, extracting highlights, vocabulary chart, dictionaries and word prediction.

All students have the extension available with the Free features providing text to speech and dual highlighting (yellow and blue) for any text on any website!

Get Started

When signed into the Chrome Browser or on a School Chromebook, the Read & Write Extension can be found in the Extension Toolbar of your Chrome Browser.

STEP 1: Ensure you have the Read & Write for Chrome Extension

You will see a purple puzzle icon with rw in the top right corner of your browser window. If you do not, you need to Add the extension to Chrome. Click here for a direct link to the Chrome Web Store.

STEP 2: Ensure you are signed into Google Chrome.

Click here if you are unsure.

STEP 3: Sign in to Read & Write

  1. In the Chrome browser, navigate to Google Docs.

  2. The Read&Write icon will appear below the Bookmark toolbar will appear. (It appears anytime the tool can be used on a page.)

  3. Click the Read&Write icon. You will be promped with a series of windows agreeing to give access to Read & Write to your Google Drive.

  4. After completing the approval process, the toolbar will appear. If you have a license for the Premium features, they will appear black. If you do not, some of the features will be grayed out.


"I am already signed into Read & Write and don't see the Premium features."


Read & Write for Teachers and Parents

Read & Write User Guides

Get To Know Read & Write Activities

  1. Copy of Student Practice Exercises for Using Read Write in Google Docs Tools.

  2. You can also view a presentation ("Copy of Learning the Basics of R&W for Google Chrome") that was created by Jamie Neugebauer, an Assistive Technology Specialist from TX. He not only brings you through the features but provides exercises in using them as well.