Google Takeout


  • Graduating Students - Accounts will be suspended last day of school and deleted on July 1st.

  • Transferring Students - Accounts will be suspended on the last day of attendance and deleted on July 1st.

Prior to departing, users are responsible for downloading/transferring any of their school Google data. We recommend the use a service called Google Takeout to help with this task.

Users can download their school Google data, which can then be uploaded into a new, private Google account that those students create independently.

Step by Step Instructions to Download All Content (Photos, Calendar, Keep, etc)

For a PDF of Instructions click HERE.

  • To access this tool go to the website: Note that this is very similar to the web address we went to earlier, but without the "transfer" on the end.

  • Here you can check the box next to whatever content you would like to download to your computer.

  • Then click "Next Step" when done selecting.

  • You can now click if this is a one-time download, and if you want to change the file type (the default is .ZIP) or change the maximum size for each file.

  • When ready click the "Create export" button.

  • When the zipped file is ready you will be able to download the archive to your computer.

Step by Step Instructions to Transfer EMail and Drive Content

Option available last week of school for Seniors Only. (May 21st - May 28th)

Provided by Eric Curts at

  1. On the Google Takeout Transfer site, go to the first section titled "Enter a destination account".

  2. Here you will type in the email address of the account you want to copy your school email and Drive files to.

  3. Click "Send Code" after you enter the email address. This sends an email message over to the account you specified to make sure you really own that account and that it is ok to copy your email and files to that account.

  4. To verify this you will now want to switch over to Gmail for the account you want to copy to.

  5. You will find an email message titled "Verify your account". In that email message you will want to click on the button for "Get confirmation code".

  6. This will open a new tab which will give you the confirmation code you need. You will want to copy this code.

  7. With the code copied, you will now want to go back to the Google Takeout Transfer screen, back in your school account.

  8. Go down to the section titled "Verify your destination account". Paste the code you copied into the "Enter code" box.

  9. Next, click the "Verify" button. Now that you have verified you own the destination account, you can begin the process of copying your email and Drive files over to it.

  10. By default both your Drive files and your email will be copied, but you can choose to toggle off either of these if you do not want to copy one of them. In this case, we will leave them both selected.

  11. To begin the copy process, simply click the "Start Transfer" button. Your emails and Drive files will now begin copying over to your other account. Depending on how many files you have, it may take up to a week for everything to get copied. You can close out of this window now if you want, because all of the copying is happening on Google's servers.

When the copy process is done we will now find the emails and files in your other account.

  • In Gmail all of your messages will have been copied over to the Inbox of your other account.

  • Additionally, the copied messages will be marked with a label with your school email address and with a label of the date the emails were copied.

  • In Drive all of the files that you owned or had edit rights to will have been copied over.

  • The files will be found inside of a folder named after your school account.

  • These copies are owned by your new account and are not shared with anyone else.

Video Tutorial for both options by Eric Curts