NWEA MAP Assessments

Measures of Academic Progress

NWEA Map Growth Assessments (MAP Tests in Reading and Math) is taken three times a year during the regular school year. For more information check out the MAP Growth

What is the MAP test?

The MAP Test is an adaptive test, meaning as your student answers each question the test determines if the student needs a harder or an easier question next. The purpose is to determine what your child knows and what they are ready to learn next. The data from these tests help teachers plan instructions on wht your student is ready to learn. The MAP Test is

  • Computer based

  • Questions can be multiple choice, drag-and-drop, fill in the blank, etc.

  • Each test has about 40-50 adaptive questions

  • Teachers will break each test up to provide amble breaks from the screen and testing scenario.\

  • This is not a test wher eyour student is going to knw every answer. It is constructed in a way that students should not know every answer. PLEASE remind your child it is OKAY IF THEY DO NOT KNOW THE ANSWER - THE WHOLE POINT OF THE TEST IS TO FIND OUT WHAT STUDENTS ALREADY KNOW AN DWHAT THEY ARE READY TO LEARN NEXT!

  • It is not a part of the student's report card grade.

Prepare for the MAP Test

Check that the computer settings are ready for testing.

  1. Have your student sign into their Chromebook or computing device.

  2. Open the Google Chrome Browser.

  3. Type: check.nwea.org into the Google Search bar or click the blue button to the right.

  4. This site will run a test on your computer.

  5. If you get the "passed the check' message, the student is ready to test.

If your computer does not pass....

  • If it is a school chromebook, please alert your teacher as sooon as possible prior to the test day.

  • If it is your personal computer, please contact your school and request to borrow a FRSU38 chromebook.

Practice Tests for the Student

Taking a practice test prior to test day will make you and your child more comfortable with the technology, test format, and the types of MAP questions asked prior to test day.

Take a Practice Test

  1. Have your student sign into a computing device.

  2. Open the Google Chrome Browser.

  3. Type practice.mapnwea.org into the Google Search or click the blue button to the right.

  4. If you get an ‘OOPS! Where's my test window” message you will have to follow the steps to allow for ‘pop-ups’ on your computer. For a school device, see directly below.

  5. After disabling pop-ups, click "Student Login' to return to the testing screen.

Disable UBlock Pop Up Blocker

Step 1: Locate and click UBlock icon in the top right corner of your Browser.

Step 2: Click the blue power button to toggle the blocker off. Refresh your page and the blocked content will now load.


    • Username: grow

    • Password: grow

  1. Have your child select their grade level and the test they wish to practice from the drop-down choices (note: they will only have to choose their name in the real test).

  2. In the last checkbox: Text-to-Speech is only allowed in Math.

  3. Click the blue arrow to start.

Answer Practice Items

  1. Practice with the Navigation tools aat the top of the test, different subject areas have different tools, so be sure to attempt both Reading and Math Practice Tests.

  2. click on the blue arrows at the bottom of the test to move to the next practice item. Once students have clicked the blue arrow, they cannot return to previous items, so remind them to complete the current question before moving on.

  3. Students may practice as often as you/they wish.

Top Navigation Bar

Top Navigation Bar - Math with Calculator

Bottom Navigation Bar

TEST DAY: Join a Test Session

We suggest TWO (2) Google Chrome browsers open:

  1. For the video conferencing or emailing with the teacher for troubleshooting during the test.

  2. For the MAP test: test.mapnwea.org

Join the Test Session

  1. Students Launch Google Chrome and go to https://test.mapnwea.org or click the blue button.

  2. Students Enter Test Session Name and Password provided by the teacher. Click the “Join” button.

  3. Students locate and click on their name. Click the blue “Next” button.

  4. Make sure information is correct. (Name and Test) Click the blue “Yes” button.

  5. Wait for procteacher to confirm your student.

  6. When the teacher has confirmed the student, the Student Screen displays “Start” button. Click to begin test.

Session name and password provided by the teacher.

Student name (and test if not assigned).

YES to continue, or NO to start over

Student name not listed?

  • Start again by going back to the test.mapnwea.org

  • Ensure you are typing the correct session name and password for the test session.

  • If the student name still does not appear, notify the teacher.

Before testing, remind your students

  • All the test navigation tools are the same as they used on the practice test.

  • They cannot got back to a question once they have ansered it and hit the next arrow.


During testing

  • Allow your student to work at their own pace (the teacher will assist in pacing the student via there communications.

  • Remind the student if they need a break or have a question, to communicate the need with their teacher.

After testing

  • When your student has completed their test they will follow any additional instructions from their teacher.

  • The teacher will inform you as to when and how your student's MAP Test score(s) will be shared with you.


"I get a screen resolution error."


Go to Settings > System > Display, and set the menu Change the size of text, apps, and other items to 100%.


Reset the screen resolution with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + 0 (zero) to reset the screen size. Then close and relaunch the testing app. For more information, see Zoom in or magnify your Chromebook screen.


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