GMail is where you will go to read emails exchanged by both schools, teachers, students, and classmates.  Before signing into GMail, make sure you are logged out of all personal Google accounts.  If you do not know your FRSU38 email address and password, ask your parent/guardian, or teacher.  You can also reach out to the Help Desk at or call M-F 7:3o AM - 4:00 PM at 413-665-1155 option 2.

Signing Into GMail

Three ways to get to GMail:

A. Open Google Chrome and type

B. Click the “Gmail” link in the top right corner

C. Click the google Apps menu (3x3 Waffle), Click GMail

Signing into GMail

You will be brought to your GMail Inbox.


Read and Reply to an Email

On the main screen, you will see emails that have been sent to you.  Click an email to read it.

If you need to email the person back, click the “Reply” button

Type your message to the person.

Click the blue “Send” button to send the email to the perso

Compose an Email

Untitled_ Mar 27, 2020 1_48 PM.mp4

Manage Your Inbox

Let GMail automatically filter your incoming messages by setting up  a default Inbox.

Use Priority Inbox by clicking

Each checkbox will create a tab in your inbox so that you can quickly see filtered messages.

Or use Priority Inbox by clicking


"I can't send my student an email."

Our students accounts are not allowed to send or receive email from accounts outside of If you need to share a picture or document: