In some circumstances, students maybe issued an iPad

PLUS Access to classroom learning software!

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Accessibility Features

In this video, will cover how I use:

Parental Controls

Access and Setup

1. Launch the Settings app.

2. Tap the "Screen Time" tab.

3. Tap Use "Screen Time Passcode," and enter your chosen numeric code (if this is already done, the tab will read "Change Screen Time Passcode," which you may want to do periodically).


Tap "Content & Privacy Restrictions."

Record my Screen

Take a picture of my Screen

Apple iOS has the ability to take a screenshot built into their devices.


Record Actions on my Screen

Apple iOS has the ability to take a screen recordings built into their devices.

Apple offers great instructions to enable and use the Screen Recording feature.

You can find your screen recording in the Photos app.


You can solve most issues by  shutting it down, or orce restarting .

iPad WiFi Not Connecting

iPad Screen Keeps Freezing

 iPad Not Charging

iPad Not Turning On

Try charging the ipad.  Plug it to the charger. Connect the lightning cable and let it sit for at least 20 minutes.