ParentSquare Registration and Login

As a family member, you can register with ParentSquare in three ways.

Activate your account from the email or text message sent from the school

 Your school will send an invitation email or text to join ParentSquare. Users can click the link to activate their account.

Email Activation Example

Text Activation Example

Verify Your Contact Information

When you first sign into Parentsquare, you will be prompted to verify your contact information. If you do not verify at sign in, you can verify later. You will be asked to 

Verify in Web Browser

If you clicked Skip For Now on any information on a contact card, you will not see the choice, "Yes, This is Me", and must select Skip For Now or This is Not Me. 

Verify in Mobile App

3. Select Confirm, Edit or Skip For Now. Repeat for phone number.  

4. Confirm Child(ren): Select Correct or Remove/Edit.

5. Tap Yes, this is me or This is Not Me.

6. Your school is notified of corrections in order to update their student information system (SIS). After school updates information, it will show in your account. Depending on your school’s settings, you may see the corrected email or phone number immediately in your account. 

How to Verify If You 'Skipped for Now'