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Recent Activity

Recent Activity shows all comments and updates pertaining to your schools, courses and groups. To filter your feed to view only Updates, Polls, or Blog posts, click the Most Recent link in the top corner, and select a filtering option.  

Dashboard Navigation

The Course Dashboard enables you to view all your courses as a tiled list. From the Course Dashboard, click any one of your courses and go directly to its main landing page. You can also click and drag course tiles to reorder them 


The Upcoming area on the right side of your homepage displays events, assignments, tests/quizzes, and discussions with a due date. Hovering over each item displays the course or group associated with the item. 


Select Grades at the top of Schoology and select either a Grade Report or Attendance.

Grade Report

The Grade Report displays a breakdown of your grades for each course. Click a specific course to view each graded item, your grade, the max points, and any comments from the instructor.

You may also download a Student Report by clicking the button in the top right of the page.


The attendance area displays a record of the days you were marked absent, late, or excused. Instructors can also leave comments, which will appear in the Comments section. 


Use the Search tool (magnifier icon) to search for your teachers, courses and groups. 

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When you have a new message in your inbox, the Messages icon on the top menu displays an updated number. 


Notifications display course events in chronological order as well as Requests to RSVP calendar events. New notifications/requests are indicated by a number on the bell icon. Clicking a notification or request will allow you to view the related content. 

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