Sora by OverDrive is an online library that allows you to check out a wide variety of audiobooks, graphic novels, eBooks from any device!  

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Get Started!

STEP 1: Locate the Sora App - Pick an option


Search and Select your school.


Click "Sign in using [School Name]"


Login using your school Google Username and Password


Browse the explore tab and borrow a book.  Your book will open so that you can start reading right away. Happy Reading!

How to use the ebook reader

After Reading...

How can I find more books?  You will need to request a card...

Right now, you are finding a shared collection of books managed by the Massachusetts Library System (MLS Commonwealth eBook ).  This collection is shared by 250+ schools and districts containing 16,000 plus titles. The more schools that join, the greater the purchasing power to grow the collection. 

You can also add other library collections to your Sora Browsing!  Click the three horizontal lines in the top right of the Sora page, and click Add Library.  We recommend adding the following libraries to access even more books!

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Accessibility Options


Questions? Contact your school Library Media Specialist

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